Comprehensive End to End Solutions...

eCompetes Wheel

Control your Print and Graphic
Communications Universe, and
“Touch” your Customers, the way
they want to be “touched” across
multiple channels.

eCOMPETES connects you with
Consolidated’s network of
distribution centers, where you
have 24/7 access to your
inventory and order status data.
Transactions are updated in real
time, providing for maximum
inventory turns, while protecting
against costly stockouts.

eCompetes will help you:

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs through standardization
  • Convert to print and fulfillment-on-demand
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Eliminate costs associated with print obsolescence
  • Drive administrative costs out of the print procurement process
  • Control Brand, Content, and Message across multiple channels
  • Track your total spend for Print and Marketing Budgets
  • Maximize your ROI for all Marketing and Cross Media Campaigns